haha this doesn't exist anymore!

idk why you're still here,,, it doesn't exist !>Neocities.

i dont need to know how to make a bold and italic text, because this doesn't exist anymore!.

nope, no images here!:

why make a list? no need for a list, because this doesn't exist anymore!:

why are you still here? this doesnt exist! what are you doing here?tutorials!

so,, you're still here huh? guess that makes two of us. or MADE two of us, because i'm not here anymore. would it matter where i am? or who i am? no, not to you anyway. so, why are you still here? bored? looking for something to do? stuck in quarentine? at the time of writing this, thats actually still a thing. hopefully it's not anymore. but that doesn't matter. you're here. i'm not. well, technically i am. you're reading this and you're reading what i'm saying, but i'm not here. i probably won't ever return to this site. well, i guess this is it huh? we just met and now we're saying goodbye. ill probably never talk to you again, or see you, or ever say anything to you ever again. so, bye. nice meeting you.